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Mercedes Guzman Speaker-Coach-Author

foto_perfilMercedes Guzman, Speaker-Coach-Author Mercedes Guzman is the creator of ICLP, powerful technique to reconnect and heal your inner child. She is an inspirational speaker, coach and author. She worked with thousands of people helping them heal their past and transform their lives. Mercedes has been featured in Forbes magazines, radio shows and television such as CNN, Telemundo, Univision, AIB, Televisa, Emprededora magazine and Mundo Hispanico.

A dreamer born and raised in El Salvado, with a passion that could never be defeated even in a war zone where many times her life was at risk. Many of her afternoons as a child were spending working at the market place. Thank you to the kindness of the nuns, she was accepted into one of the best schools and her town and Mercedes grew up with a good education. Her love for life has always brought her to follow her heart and have faith in what is. This led her to experience miracle after miracle from a very young age.

In 1989 she met her husband Daniel from Corpus Christi at the American Embassy, where she was working, married him and moved in 1991 to the United States. Yet little did she know how much life was going to force her to grow and heal her childhood wounds from the inside-out.

As time went she gave birth to 5 beautiful kids and homeschooling them. It was when she began experiencing anxiety and despair that she didn’t know where it was coming from. Everything from the outside looked perfect yet her heart was in pain. This is when her journey of healing her inner child emerged and magic unfolded in front of her eyes changing her life forever.

Mercedes wrote her book “El niño olvidado. Un viaje de regreso al amor y la inocencia” that is being sold in Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and have been teaching workshops nationally and internationally, working with politicians, entrepreneurs, coaches-executives and many others, as well as having her own radio show. She has received many awards and has been invited to speak in differences organizations.

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